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Colleague Referrals

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Shalisa Chamberlain, is a pet Cannabis Specialist with an extensive background as a veterinary technician spanning over 25 years. Her background in biochemistry influenced her own veterinary-recommended CBD brand: Furry Faces CBD


She has collaborated with holistic veterinarians, general practices, emergency facilities, and specialty hospitals throughout the United States. She has a master’s certificate of completion in the clinical cannabinoid medicine program through The Medical Cannabis Institute, is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, the Association of Cannabis Professionals, the Veterinary Cannabis Society, and Cal NORML.


Shalisa offers my clients 1-1 CBD support. CBD treatment is useful for pain management, anxiety and so much more. To reach her directly, please email her at:

Shalisa Chamberlain

Veterinary Cannabis Consultant,

CEO Furry Faces CBD 

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