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Mission & Beliefs

Animals are magnificent beings. They are our great teachers, providing countless lessons about unconditional love and helping us to grow as human beings, with all of our emotional complexities.

All animals are SO much more than "pets"; they are our families, our companions, our furry children and our support systems. They deserve respect and careful nurturing. In many ways animals are more advanced than humans! We are awed and inspired by them on a daily basis.


I believe it is important to honor our animals by listening to their needs and creating a mindful end-of- life journey that is in alignment with the animal and their human family. We have one birth coming in, and one death going out. Let's make it as peaceful, beautiful and meaningful as possible...let's show our animals the respect they deserve by facing our fears and truly leaning in to this end of life journey together.

Leaning in looks like learning about the necessary medical pieces, creating an end-of-life plan (Quality of Life Evaluation), navigating hospice care, deep discussions and planning for the final graduation, working with anticipatory grief, and creating ritual.


It is my personal mission to honor all animal species, through loving care, healing work, compassion and assistance through all life stages. I offer this as a partial return for the boundless enrichment and joy the animals bring to us. 


I believe in holistic care: emotional, spiritual and physical. In terms of medical practice, I believe in the value of all medical and healing modalities including: Western (Medications, Surgeries), Eastern (Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs), Chiropractic, Laser Therapy, Massage, Reiki, Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Psychic Animal Communication, CBD and more! There is room for all modes of health and healing and an appropriate use for each. 


My relationship with you is important to me and I strive for clear communication and connection.

My ideal hospice family is open to working together for 4+ months of supportive care, has a spiritual mindset and is prepared to support their animal on all levels.


I so appreciate the love and care that you give to your fur children. Thank you for taking such great care of them! You are a steward of the Earth's special beings and they thank you as well.

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