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Specialty Medical Services

I train pet parents to administer medications to their animals with confidence. I can also administer for you.

- Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy

- Insulin, Adequan, injectable treatments

- Oral, Eye, Ear, Topical medication administration

- Nail Trims

- Fur/Mat Clip

Quality of Life Evaluations
   Hospice Support

I help pet parents navigate end of life decisions and plan for a meaningful end of life transition for their animal. 

My quality of life assessments happen remotely as well as in person.

If you are wondering "How will I know when the time is right?", I encourage you to book a session.

Online Quality of Life Calculator

Pet Loss Grief Support
Individual 1-1 Session (1 Hour)

In this one hour grief support session we will discuss your most pressing concerns and create a plan for ongoing support.
You will leave this one hour session with exercises to practice and steps to take in your grief journey.

Self-Paced Pet Loss Course

This course gives grieving pet parents tools to regulate their nervous system and to work with their loss. It's self paced, with new exercises provided monthly. We meet on the third week of the month to discuss progress.

Students of this course have access to:

- Discounted 1-1 grief sessions

- Free ongoing monthly support group

In-Person Reiki Intuitive Healing Sessions
(for humans)

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality that promotes overall wellbeing, reduces stress, helps to remove blocked energy, assists grief and shadow work, and holistically supports the entire being. I am a Usui Reiki Master and have a beautiful in-person office space for Reiki sessions.

Memorial Pet Portraits

I love created channelled artwork from Angel Pets. Often they give me color and symbol suggestions to include in the painting. The finished piece is 8"x10", framed and shipped to you. 

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