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Specialty Medical Services

I train pet parents to administer medications to their animals with confidence. I can also administer for you.

- Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy

- Insulin, Adequan, injectable treatments

- Oral, Eye, Ear, Topical medication administration

- Nail Trims

- Fur/Mat Clip

Quality of Life Evaluations
“When to find the right time to say goodbye”

• I help pet parents understand the nuances of building a detailed quality of life “road map” that is catered to their individual animal’s medical diagnoses and needs, along with the caregiver’s needs. (It’s much more than “they are no longer eating.”)


• An excellent tool to help pet parents find the right timing for mindful transition and opens up meaningful conversation around end of life planning.


• Great for getting all family members on the same page around the patient’s mortality and status.together, we build an individualized end of life map for their animals complete with what to expect, what signs to look for, bucket list ideas and more.

Online Quality of Life Calculator

Pet Loss Grief Support
Individual 1-1 Session (1 Hour)

Available in my professional office space
and remotely. (90 min sessions also available.)

• Grief is an experience that affects our mind, body, emotions and spirit, so I take a holistic approach with my work.

• Clients work 1-1 with me to understand why their experience may feel so foreign, disorienting, overwhelming and isolating.

I hold space for all that is present in the client’s experience, as well as teach nervous system regulation tools with an emphasis on self awareness and self compassion to navigate grief.


• Guilt often plays a large role in pet loss grief and I utilize a multidisciplinary approach to facilitate healing.

• Ritual, mourning practices and continuing bonds play a large role in integrating the loss.


• Private clients have access to my ongoing free monthly pet loss support group.

Animal Hospice Support

• Includes the palliative/comfort care phase of supportive care (pre-hospice), which can last up to one year before the patient transitions into end-of-life hospice support.


• I answer medical questions, teach pet parents the language to use to advocate for their animal and work with their veterinary team.

• We use the Quality of Life Evaluation as a “road map” for decision making and markers of decline.


• Hospice phase often involves anticipatory grief and therefore some grief coaching may be offered.


• In-Home Euthanasia alongside Licensed Veterinarian: I help arrange, pace and work alongside in-home veterinarians to facilitate a mindful, beautiful transition for your animal.

• I have various options to support your family's end-of-life journey. Please schedule a complimentary call with me to discuss your specific needs.

In-Person Reiki Intuitive Healing Sessions
(for humans)

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality that promotes overall wellbeing, reduces stress, helps to remove blocked energy, assists grief and shadow work, and holistically supports the entire being. I am a Usui Reiki Master and have a beautiful in-person office space for Reiki sessions.

In-Person Reiki Intuitive Healing Sessions
(for animals)

Reiki for animals is beneficial as stress relief, accelerates post surgical healing, and is a great option for hospice support. Most animals only tolerate 20-30 minutes of direct energy work.

Self-Paced Pet Loss Course

This course gives grieving pet parents tools to regulate their nervous system and to work with their loss. It's self paced, with new exercises provided monthly. We meet on the third week of the month to discuss progress.

Students of this course have access to:

- Discounted 1-1 grief sessions

- Free ongoing monthly support group

Memorial Pet Portraits

I love created channelled artwork from Angel Pets. Often they give me color and symbol suggestions to include in the painting. The finished piece is 8"x10", framed and shipped to you. 

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