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What Clients Say

"Cara has a gift for compassionately and knowledgeably helping people understand and navigate their pet's end of life. For over 7 years, I attest that her evaluations, recommendations and hospice care reflect veterinary assessments and prescribed treatments. Cara helps people cope emotionally prior to, during, and after euthanasia. When Cara assists with euthanasias, people always appreciate her, often with a hug. Cara truly is the perfect quality of life liaison."
 - Stephanie Friedman, DVM
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"Every time the session ended I felt like I had taken a long shower, only I was washing away what was unclean on the inside. I started to slowly do the things I once loved to do again. I felt my anger over losing UConn start to soften. Even though I will never stop grieving for him, there was a shift in how I handled it. I felt a deeper connection to his spirit. My worry about him being lost somewhere alone started to lessen. Cara taught me that not even death can break a love bond. I started using Caras exercises when my grief and worry wanted to get the best of me, I still do. Cara is my lifeline. She is one of the most gentle and caring human souls that has ever been a part of my life." – G.T., New York

"You have helped me more in the last 2 weeks than I have been able to do within the last 2 months. Grief is hard, losing a pet is hard, but you acknowledging it the way you do is peaceful. You gently remind us that it's ok, it's normal, that it will pass. We are allowed to have grief bursts and still be "normal"! Everyone's journey is different BUT you make it so we are all loved and included....that we aren't alone. Self care is more important now that I realize how much it works and how my my body and soul need it. So thank you for being you and doing what you do!!!! I am glad our souls passed over the gift of social media....or I guess I should thank Baylee for you. Thank you Cara." – S.L., Victoria BC

"Working with Cara after the tragic loss of my beloved cat was the most healing experience I could have ever asked for; one that seemed impossible in the midst of such a painful tragedy. Without Cara’s support and guidance, I do not know how I would have gotten through it. Cara was there for me, like an angel, guiding me through the different stages of grief, guilt, anger, sadness, and tons of other emotions I couldn’t even articulate. Pet loss is a unique kind of grief—one that is hard for others to understand or provide the right support to the person who is grieving. Cara, however, has a special gift of compassion unlike any other—she understands the profound, multi-layered effects of grief in a way that not only brings healing, but also hope. More than a year after my own devastating loss, I still find myself using the tools, strategies, and self-care tips I learned from her. I am forever grateful to Cara for helping me through my journey." – N.S., Oregon

"I met Cara at one of the worst times of my life, shortly after losing my heart dog Buddy. My grief was so deep and I was so distraught I knew I could not get through it without help. I was so relieved to find someone who specialized in pet loss grief. She immediately let me know that she understood the depth of my grief and provided a safe space for me to say or do whatever I needed in order to work through the grief. She is very warm, and caring, an excellent and intuitive listener and encouraged me to talk. She was my champion as I took my initial very small steps forward. 

When we had our first session I was filled with guilt over Buddy’s final hours. She immediately helped me reframe my thinking over the way in which things transpired, allowing me to let go of the guilt. Over the course of our time she helped me reframe my thinking in other scenarios as well. Cara provided me with essential tools including breathing exercises, meditation/morning routine, self-compassion, writing, and affirmations. 

Cara is very knowledgeable about the grief process. 

I could count on her to always be compassionate, understanding, and non-judgmental. I appreciate all that she did in helping through this very difficult time. I am happy to say that today I feel so much lighter, happier, and hopeful for the future. I still miss Buddy immensely, but now the memories, photos, and videos are such a comfort to me and most often I find joy in them."

 - Joy Fritz, Santa Rosa

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