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The Ritual that Changes Lives

The Ho’oponopono Healing Ritual has been calling to me in the grief work I do with clients, especially when working on releasing guilt.

When we say these words, they emit a healing frequency that crosses time and space and also heals across all DNA/ancestral lines.

When you say these words, you are healing the traumas that our ancestors inflicted (knowingly or unknowingly) upon the world, upon themselves, upon your lineage, upon you.

When you say these words you take responsibility for your own actions towards others (done knowingly or unknowingly) and heal traumas passed to all others (plants, animals, human, other).

When you say these words you are emitting the frequency of forgiveness and ❤️ LOVE ❤️ towards all of life and yourself…all past present future versions of yourself.

These four simple sentences :

- Offer self-forgiveness.

- Release stuck guilt.

- Heal your inner child and all versions

of self.

- Heal the critical voice.

- Heal cultural wrongdoings and ancestral trauma.

- Soothe the subconscious mind (which is responsible for 90% of our reactions and embodied responses).

- Soften PTSD symptoms

Use this as a daily mantra or prayer:

- when difficult feelings or images arise in your mind/body

- when your critical voice acts up

- as you witness the global challenges we face

- as a tool to heal yourself (which causes a ripple effect...and in-turn heals the world)

I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

I love you.

Thank you.

🙏🏼 Cara

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