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Your Grief (Depression) Toolbox : Starter List

  1. Walk the Talk: Do the very advice you would give to others. Figure out what works…what feels good…what elevates your mood (even the slightest bit)?

  2. Epsom Salt Baths DAILY (no excuses) - see blog post.

  3. Continue to establish a solid morning routine: Affirmations, Energy Clearing, Stretching/Exercise, Supplements, Meditation (even 1 min!)

  4. Practice radical self-compassion to quiet the critical mind. Build resilience with this; eventually there is a two way conversation.

  5. Those Affirmations? The positive things you tell yourself? Print them out and tape them to the wall or mirror. Write them multiple times, use sticky notes to plaster your daily spaces with positivity.

  6. Break up the day with a midday walk. Nature heals the heart, mind and body.

  7. Have your grief toolkit PRINTED and easily accessible for those moments when you can’t remember how you got into this hole or how to get out.

  8. It’s okay to “grief dose”. You can take a break from feeling down and out - put on music, distract yourself with a movie, start an art project, clean one room in the house, pull some weeds outside…

  9. What are your “go-to” coping tools? Which ones are healthy? Which are unhealthy? Journal your results.

  10. Establish a gratitude practice. Studies show this singular practice improves overall well-being AND creates new synapse firings in the brain.

  11. Keep building this list with positive discoveries.

What would you add to this list? Let me know. :)

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